Massachusetts Pro-Casino Referendum Takes the Day

Massachusetts Pro-Casino Referendum Takes the Day

Ah, sweet victory: Steve Wynn’s Everett, Massachusetts casino can finally progress after a referendum vote supporting casinos passed away last night.

Residents of Massachusetts have selected to uphold the state’s three-year-old casino law, voting overwhelmingly in yesterday’s midterms in favor of maintaining the fledgling casino market, due to the fact polls had predicted.

Somewhat confusingly, ‘no’ meant ‘yes’ for casinos on this ballot, as voters were asked or perhaps a legislation must certanly be repealed, with 59.5 per cent to 40.5 percent deciding that no, it will not be repealed, meaning that yes, they desired casinos.

Some commentators have recommended that the language used in posing the relevant question was deliberately muddled and designed to confuse.

Nonetheless, it’s a victory for MGM and Wynn Resorts, who have had their respective tasks provided the greenlight by regulators and who can now finally and definitely move forward with the certification procedure, a privilege which is why they will fork out $85 million a bit before a cornerstone that is single set.

Not surprisingly, casino executives had been jubilant and anxious to emphasize what the casinos will do for their communities that are future.

‘Voters across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts today voiced their support of the 10,000 job that is permanent and significant economic benefits supplied by the Gaming Act of 2011,’ said pleased MGM Chairman and C Continue reading “Massachusetts Pro-Casino Referendum Takes the Day”