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The VAPO Assistance Desk is Australia’s one stop spot for the vaping queries!

Dripping Vaporiser:

Which means you’ve finally got your vape that is new head to fill it and from now on it is leaking e-liquid! First faltering step, do not panic! As a result of the nature of the items a little number of leaking is normal and absolutely nothing to take into account. In the event that fluid is pouring away then one thing is not arranged right. 9.9 times out of 10 it comes down right down to your coil that is in your vape.

Pour any excess juice straight back into the e-liquid bottle, or maintain your vape tank in a situation that’ll not enable excess juice to put down. Now very carefully unscrew the coil. We suggest a paper towel to wipe up any extra juice as this is often a messy work! Now dry all the juice through the coil therefore the vape tank. Once it is all clean, screw the coil back little finger tight ( maybe perhaps not too tight!) and change the tank then fill it up. Resetting the coil often fixes any leakages.

Substitute the coil

In the event the vape continues to be dripping it is the right time to change the coil. It’s likely that there surely is a coil that is spare your vape kit. Grab a extra coil from the initial kit or from an extra pack of coils. Be sure all things are dry once more as above and try the brand new coil. Continue reading “VAPO Assist Desk”